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Cat on Blockchain: what is that?

Cat on Blockchain is a digital art project of unique cats made in pixel art style and released as NFTs. Each cat is unique and it was written on blockchain.
Cats belonging to the collection are 64x64 pixel art images and are generated in a random way. Some look normal, some appear weird, and others are cool! This is a limited NFT collection composed by 2276 characters. Each one has the proof of ownership stored on the Polygon (Ethereum) blockchain. As said, each one is unique and is stored as an ERC-1155 token.
All the cats are available for purchase only on OpenSea, the biggest marketplace of NFTs available.

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Cat on Blockchain is a NFT collection of 1000 uniquely generated characters. No 2 cats are alike, and each cat can be officially owned by a single proprietor on the Polygon (Ethereum) blockchain. As said, they are available only on the OpenSea's marketplace.
To purchase them, you must be embedded in the blockchain. Via OpenSea market you can buy, bid on, and offer cats for sale (at the price you want).

Cats were generated starting from October, 23rd 2021. They were created starting from many separate layers, programmatically merged using BASH and PHP scripts (self-developed). This is the first work of automatic generation of pixel arts put into a crypto NFT project.

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